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Covid-19 Prevention Plan

We prioritise the health and safety of our customers above all. We have therefore created and implemented a Covid-19 Prevention Plan which will remain in place throughout this global pandemic, with the aim of minimising the risk of the spread of Covid-19 as well as abiding by all current legal guidelines and requirements. This goes above and beyond our usual strict protocols regarding hygiene and conduct which meet industry requirements both in Switzerland and the UK. We will update our Prevention Plan as and when it is necessary. If you have any questions concerning our practices or you are at especially high risk and would like further details, please don't hesitate to contact us on info@cookinthealps.com


Covid 19 protection charter: summary (FR dessous)

As well as maintaining our strict protocols regarding hygiene and conduct, meeting all our industry’s legal requirements, Mountain Thyme will ensure:

  1. Everyone in the building regularly cleans their hands with soap/water and disposable paper towels or with disinfectant, upon entry and at regular intervals throughout the day.

  2. Different groups of clients will not mingle.

  3. Those working here, and other people on the premises, will maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between them. If there are tasks for which the distance of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained, the risk of exposure will be minimised, by reducing the duration of the task or by using appropriate protective equipment.

  4. Surfaces will be cleaned regularly and appropriately; sufficient bins will be provided; fabrics used by clients will be washed after each use.

  5. Anyone feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to go home and follow the advice of the OFSP regarding self-isolation.

  6. Specific measures will be taken relevant to our work to ensure the protection of our staff and clients:

    • only one group of clients will be permitted in each room at any one time;

    • face masks will be used where necessary and changed appropriately;

    • distancing will be maintained during deliveries at our premises and at other venues.

  7. Everyone affected will be informed of all relevant measures and policies, and the whole team takes responsibility for implementing them.

  8. Management has facilitated the implementation of these measures by providing all necessary equipment.

  9. Client information will be collected by Mountain Thyme in order to trace any potential chain of infection. These details will be provided upon request to the cantonal authorities.

For our full charter of preventative measures regarding Covid 19, please click here: 


Plan de Protection sous Covid-19 : sommaire

En plus du respect des règles d’hygiène et de conduite déjà en vigueur (selon les normes de la branche de l’hôtellerie-restauration), Mountain Thyme s’assure que :

  1. Toutes les personnes dans l’établissement se nettoient régulièrement les mains.

  2. Les différents groupes de clients ne se mélangent pas.

  3. Les collaborateurs et les autres personnes gardent une distance de 1,5 mètre entre eux. Dans le cadre des tâches pour lesquelles la distance doit être de moins de 1,5 mètre, les personnes doivent être exposées le moins possible pendant le travail en réduisant la durée du contact ou en prenant des mesures de protection appropriées.

  4. Les surfaces sont nettoyées régulièrement et de manière adéquate.

  5. Les personnes malades sont renvoyées chez elles et sont priées de suivre les consignes d’isolement de l’OFSP.

  6. Les aspects spécifiques de notre travail sont pris en compte afin d’assurer la protection.

  7. Les collaborateurs et les autres personnes concernées sont informés sur les prescriptions et les mesures prises et les collaborateurs sont impliqués dans la mise en œuvre de ces mesures.

  8. Les prescriptions sont mises en œuvre au niveau du management afin de réaliser et d’adapter efficacement les mesures de protection.

  9. Les coordonnées des clients sont relevées conformément au point 9.

Pour notre plan de protection en entier, cliquez ici: 

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